Smoke Detectors

Most fatal fires happen at night, when most people are sleeping. It is very important to have at least one working Smoke Detector near the bedroom area to wake you in case of fire.

How often do you test them?

Check your smoke detector(s) monthly. Follow the manufacturers recommendation on how to test them.

How many do I need and where do I mount them?

A smoke detector should be mounted at least one on every floor or level of the house. Additionally, one should be mounted in every bedroom space.

When do I change the battery?

You should change the battery in your smoke detector(s) at least once a year or even better twice a year. Fire Departments in our area support “Change your Clock – Change your Battery”. This means that when you change your clock for Daylight Savings Time you should change the battery in your smoke detector(s). If you’re only going to change the battery once a year, the fall time change would be recommended as it is closer to the start of the heating season and the indoor holiday season.

How do I maintain my smoke detector(s)?

Besides changing the batteries at least annually and testing monthly, you should vacuum detectors regularly to remove any accumulations of dust or cobwebs. Consider replacing smoke detectors that are ten years old or older.