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Newtown Hook and Ladder after dark

Garage bay floors

Garage bay floors being prepped for finishing.



Finished epoxy floors.


Paving is done!


Paving the driveway


As the end of April arrives, American Pavement Specialists are finishing up the first coat of pavement around the entire building under the direction Rob Manna of LRM Inc. Landscape Contractors as the finish work continues inside.



Moving toward completion


The exterior of our building is moving toward completion. The masonary crew from LRM Inc. is working on the stone facing for the first two bays. Interior work continues for HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire sprinklers and alarm.

Firehouse Construction, January 29th Update


Full front-on, roof is done, the windows are in and outside doors are going on. Now construction can continue inside, out of the elements. The plastic over the bay doors holds in temporary heat while the apparatus floor was poured and curing takes place.


Inside the apparatus bay from the front corner looking back. Our design is for apparatus bays that are two trucks deep and can be drive through. The concrete recently poured, plastic covering the back bay doors to hold in temporary heat.


Inside the apparatus bay from the back looking forward to the front of the building. Nothing in yet, soon all the trades will be running their equipment.