Our Equipment

In 1976 the town purchased a Seagrave 100′ Aerial Ladder Truck to replace a used 1944 American La France. This ladder truck served the entire town, housed and manned by Newtown Hook & Ladder. The Ladder Truck was refurbished in 1991 by Pierce extending its life by several years.

In 1978 the department members saw the need to expand and a Mini-Pumper (400 gpm, 250 gallons water) was purchased by the fire department from Pierce on a Chevy one-ton chassis.

In 1979 a Seagrave Supply Pumper (1000 gpm, 1000 gallons water) was placed in service to replace the recently disbanded Headquarters Company. This apparatus was re-furbished in 1995 by Pierce and its useful life was extended by many years.

In 1981 a Pierce Dash Pumper (1000 gpm, 1000 gallons water) was placed in service to replace a 1968 Maxim Pumper. This apparatus was outfitted as an attack pumper, equipped with a foam system and 100 gallon foam tank and pre-piped deck gun.

In 1982 a Pierce Rescue Truck was purchased by the fire department. This truck, built on a HD Ford chassis was placed in service as a dedicated rescue truck, relieving these duties from our Mini-Pumper and greatly expanding our rescue capabilities. This apparatus is presently designated to be replaced.

Hook & Ladder has recently placed in service a Pierce Attack Pumper (500 gpm, 400 gallons water) built on a short wheel base 4X4 International chassis. This apparatus sees multiple duties as our choice of responding for MVAs, car fires, brush fires, medicals, investigations, general utility as well as a being well outfitted for structural fires.

We currently operate a 2001 Pierce Ladder Truck (105′ power ladder). This apparatus is a dedicated ladder truck carrying no water or fire pump. Hook & Ladder took great efforts to make it extremely maneuverable and carry more ground ladders than required.