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MVA with entrapment on Sugar St.

Thursday, January 30, 2014 shortly after 5pm Newtown Hook and Ladder was dispatched to Sugar St. for multi-vehicle accident with injuries with Dodgingtown F.D. for assistance. On arrival, company officers found a three car MVA with one person trapped. That vehicle was on its side after the accident but had been up-righted prior to the fire department’s arrival. At this time Sandy Hook Fire Rescue; a second extrication company, was dispatched to assist. Firefighters quickly stabilized the vehicle and extricated the driver.

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MVA with entrapment on Walnut Tree Hill Rd.

Thursday, January 23, 2014 just before 11am, Newtown Hook & Ladder responded with Sandy Hook Fire Rescue to the scene of a motor vehicle accident with a report of the driver being trapped. Department members assisted Sandy Hook F.D. with door removal, a dash roll and roof removal to access the trapped driver. Newtown Hook and Ladders on scene duration was less than 30 minutes.

Company Drill

Monday evening, January 20, 2014 Newtown Hook and Ladder held training on vehicle extrication tools and techniques. Nineteen department members and officers attended this training. Using specialized vehicle stabilization Res-Q-Jacks™ and high pressure airbags members performed several evolutions of vehicle stabilization and victim extrication.

Church Members Explain Reasons For Planned Land Sale To Hook & Ladder

Representatives of Trinity Episcopal Church, which plans to sell land to the Newtown Hook & Ladder volunteer firefighting organization for construction of a new firehouse, have explained church members’ thinking in terms of their recent decision to sell the land.

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Water Problem at Newtown’s Public Library

Saturday afternoon on January 4, 2014 Newtown Hook &Ladder was sent to the Cyrenius H. Booth Library at 25 Main St. for a water problem. Members responding with Engine 112 and Ladder Truck 114 and found a broken sprinkler pipe due to the recent cold weather. Shutting off the sprinkler and electrical to the damaged section of the building, crews started water evacuation to lower levels of the building. Restoration / remediation and sprinkler companies were called into assist the library and the building was closed to the public.

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NH&L Looking Forward To New Firehouse

As 2014 opened, members of Newtown Hook & Ladder Company were looking forward hopefully, as their plans for a new firehouse in the borough finally were starting to take shape. The project will enable the fire company to own its facility rather than to continue as a tenant of the Town of Newtown.

The group, which has served as a local firefighting organization since 1883, has sought new quarters that would suitably provide shelter and storage for its equipment for more than 25 years.

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