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MVA Roll-Over on South Main Street

On the morning of Sunday, October 20, 2013 at about 2am Newtown Hook & Ladder was dispatched for a MVA roll-over with entrapment. Arriving on the scene in front of 87 South Main St. responding crews found a single car MVA roll-over off the road. The driver had climbed out of the vehicle on their own and was in the care of Newtown Ambulance. The Fire Department remained on the scene for the wrecker company and covered fluid spill with speedy-dry.

New photos up!

More photos of our 2013 Firehouse Ride have been posted. Check them out in our photo gallery.

MVA with utility pole and wires down

On the morning of Saturday, October 19, 2013, just before 2:30am Newtown Hook & Ladder was sent out to check hazards from an overturned motor vehicle on Echo Valley Rd. Arriving crew found a motor vehicle accident with no injuries that had taken down a utility pole and wires, the driver was in the care of Newtown Police Department . Members applied speedy-dry to minor vehicle fluids spill. The Fire Department assisted Newtown PD blocking the road due to the electrical wires in the roadway. Remaining on the scene until the power company arrived to secure the wires.

MVA on Church Hill Rd

Friday morning just before 8am, October 4, 2013 Newtown Hook & Ladder was dispatch to in front of Hawley School for a motor vehicle accident. Originally summoned for MVA with just fluids, arriving crew found a two vehicle accident with both fluids spilled and injuries.

MVA-Extrication on Interstate 84

Tuesday morning, October 3, 2013 shortly after 5am Newtown Hook & Ladder was dispatched for a motor-vehicle accident with reported entrapment between exits 10 & 9 west bound. The accident involved a van and a tractor trailer truck was actually located between exits 9 & 8 west bound. Being out of our own district, Hawleyville Fire Department was dispatched to assist arriving crews. Extensive vehicle stabilization was performed utilizing cribbing and Rescue Jacks, complicated due to the van being elevated, wedged between the embankment and the tractor trailer truck. Extricating the driver of the van took approximately 26 minutes from the first arriving unit to turning over patient care to Newtown Volunteer Ambulance.

Thank you!


Newtown Hook and Ladder would like to thank everyone who participated in and donated to our 2013 Firehouse Ride. It was a great event, and we appreciate your support.

More photos from this year’s ride have been posted in the new Photo Gallery section of our website. Click the link in the navigation bar above to view them.

Thanks again, and we hope to see you next year!