Archive | June, 2013

MVA / Extrication at the Flagpole

June 21, 2013 just after 7:30 pm Newtown Hook & Ladder and Newtown Ambulance were dispatched for a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Main St. and Church Hill Rd. Arriving crews found a two car MVA at the Flagpole with one person trapped. Responding personnel quickly stabilized the vehicle and extricated the trapped victim as well as covering motor vehicle fluids from the accident. Patient care was turned over to the volunteer ambulance crew.

MVA / Airbags deployed on Mount Pleasant

Tuesday morning of June 11, 2013 just before 8:30 am Newtown Hook & Ladder and Newtown Ambulance were dispatched for a motor vehicle accident on Mount Pleasant near the intersection with Johnny Cake Lane. Arriving crews found a two car motor vehicle accident with heavy damage and airbags deployed in both vehicles. Patient care was ongoing, handled by the volunteer ambulance crew and fluids from both vehicles were contained with speedy-dry and sand from State DOT trucks.

Structure Fire on Borough Lane

Shortly before 5 pm on June 5, 2013 Newtown Hook & Ladder was dispatched to 19 Borough Lane for a report of a burning smell inside the home. Investigation of the residence found a fire in the basement. Attack lines were advanced from Engine 111, a water supply was established by engine crews from Sandy Hook and Botsford Fire Companies. A Rapid Intervention Team was summoned from Stepney Fire Department for Firefighter safety. The building was searched for victims; fire was extinguished and overhauled. During this time the Incident Commander was approached by an occupant from 15 Borough Lane reporting smoke in the residence. Additional reports from 17 Borough Lane, 20 Borough Lane and 56 Queen Street all reporting smell of burning and electrical problems. Investigating crews from Sandy Hook and Botsford Fire Companies were sent from the original scene and using thermal imaging cameras, found electrical problems with no fire. In all cases, the power was secured at the circuit breaker panels; turned over to Northeast Utilities for repairs, additional checks and investigations in conjunction with Newtown Fire Marshal’s Office. Additional crews from Hawleyville and Dodgingtown Fire Companies were dispatched for assistance.

MVA on I-84

Monday morning of June 3, 2013, just after 8:30 am, Newtown Hook and Ladder was dispatched to Interstate 84, westbound for motor vehicle accident. Arriving crews found a three car motor vehicle accident and one person injured requiring transportation to the hospital. Fire department personnel assisted Newtown Volunteer Ambulance personnel with immobilization, boarding and collaring the patient.