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Detached Garage Fire in Botsford

On Monday, November 21 Hook and Ladder Engine 1 and Ladder 114 responded to a report of a possible structure fire at 105 High Rock Rd in the Botsford fire district. Car 101 was first to arrive on scene and found heavy fire showing from the “B” and “D” sides on the second floor of a 1 1/2 story wood frame detached garage with occupied office space above. A 2 1/2″ hose line off of Botsford’s Engine 551 was used to darken down the fire from the exterior before an interior attack was made using an 1 3/4″ handline. Members from Ladder 114 ascended to the roof and performed vertical ventilation. Extensive overhaul was required due to a large amount of paperwork in the office. Hook and Ladder operated on scene for approx. 2 1/2 hours.

Truck 114's crew getting ready to go to work

setting up the ladder to vent the roof

salvage and overhaul


Deputy Fire Marshall Rich Frampton and Botsford Chief Wayne Ciaccia

Structure Fire on Main Street

Shortly after 7:30pm on Tuesday November 15, Newtown Hook and Ladder was dispatched to the area of 46 East St. for an unknown type fire.  While enroute dispatch advised units that they were receiving multiple calls of a structure fire and filled out the assignment bringing in Sandy Hook and Hawleyville FD.  Car 103 was first to arrive and found a fully involved 40’x30′ barn within a few feet of a house.  The corrected address for the barn fire was 46 Main St. while the house was located at 2-4 East St.  Fire had already spread to the adjacent house and was consuming several rooms.  Car 101 arrived on scene and command was transferred to the Chief.  Additional engines from Brookfield and Stony Hill were requested to the scene as well as all tankers in town.  Engine 111 arrived on scene and quickly placed two 1 3/4″ handlines in service through the front door of the house, knocking down the majority of the fire.  Engine 331 from Hawleyville was directed down an adjacent driveway and stretched several lines and a master stream device to knock down the barn fire.   As overhaul began, fire was found in the attic, ceilings and walls of the house.  Crews ventilated the roof and performed extensive overhaul until all fire in the house was found and extinguished.  Crew remained on scene for an extended period as the collapsed barn had to be picked apart by an excavator to extinguish all hot spots.  Once the fire was fully extinguished all FD units returned to service.  Hook and Ladder operated on scene with Engine 111, Engine 1, Truck 114 and Rescue 113 for almost 6 hours.

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Mutual Aid to Shed Fire in Sandy Hook

On November 4 around 1930 Hours Ladder 114 and Engine 1 responded to 14 Stone Gate Dr in the Sandy Hook Fire District for a report of a structure fire.  Car 101 arrived on scene and established command.  101 found an approximately 10’x16′ shed fully involved in fire.  Upon arrival of Sandy Hook units, command was transferred to Car 404.  Members worked on scene for about 1 hour extinguishing and overhauling the fire building.

Snow Storm Alfred kept NHL members busy

Beginning shortly after 1400 Hrs on October 29 Hook and Ladder started responding to numerous trees and wires down in the district. After almost 48 straight hours of continuous calls, the run count was around 124. During this time Hook and Ladder responded to a wide variety of emergencies such as trees and wires down, trees into buildings, automatic alarms, structure fires and electrical emergencies. The dedicated members of Hook and Ladder responded quickly and professionally to these emergencies during the storm as well as throughout the days and nights that followed. Even after an entire week had passed, Hook and Ladder was still responding to multiple electrical emergencies daily. As of November 8, it appears that the majority of the storm aftermath is behind us and things should be returning to normal. Luckily there were only a few minor structure fires which resulted in minimal damage due to the quick actions of H&L’s firefighters.